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Why Feisty Owl?

As a person, I’m a bit of a paradox. When I thought up feisty owl, I pictured owls as wise and calm creatures, not particularly feisty. Little did I know about owls. I have since learned that contrary to their stereotype, owls can be quite feisty and are stealthy birds of prey. The more I learned about owls the more I related to them.

I had some other very personal reasons for selecting my name that have to do with beloved family members that did not live long enough to see me start my business. So, my name is also a memorial and dedication to them.

My Grampa Al was one of the most upbeat and positive people I have ever known. He used to always called me ‘feisty’ with a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous smile, showing me that he meant it as the highest compliment. It’s true. I am feisty.

My Gramma Arlene always liked owls and I now see how the animal suited her spirit. I am inspired by my Gramma Arlene and her mother, Thelma, two magnificent strong women who were both wise and bold. I feel their energy flows through me as I am outspoken and pensive, direct and thoughtful, passionate and peaceful, bold and insecure, creative and analytic. The list could go on and on. All of these apparent opposites are what I am made of. Just like the feisty owl, I can be wise and thoughtful but also spirited and bold.


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