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Win a Free Tee Shirt!!! Vote on your favorite Feisty Owl Studio ad for BUST Magazine

In order to give myself some incentive (i.e. a swift kick in the ass) to get my Etsy shop up to par, I bought an advertisement in one of my favorite magazines, BUST. 

My ad is a small one, about 2 by 2.75 inches and will be featured in print and online. So, keep in mind that the ad will look like it does below (small), not like the bigger version you get when you click on the image.


I’ve created 4 ads so far and I’m looking for opinions. Which one of these ads would make you most likely to check out my website?

Please vote on which one is your favorite. If you want to give me more detailed feedback about what you specifically like or don’t like, that’s great but make sure you also let me know which one is your favorite, as is.

In order to give you an incentive, I’ll randomly pick one person who votes to receive a FREE TEE SHIRT (or onesie*) of your choice!

You can leave your choice in a comment here on this blog post, send me an email or comment on facebook. You have until next Thursday, June 13th to vote and I’ll announce the tee shirt winner on June 14th.


Bust Ad # 1

Bust Ad # 1


Bust Ad # 2

Bust Ad # 2


Bust Ad # 3

Bust Ad # 3


Bust Ad # 4

Bust Ad # 4


Happy Voting!

* sorry the onesies only come in baby sizes, so if you were looking for an adult onesie…..ummm, yeah.


Etsy Finds Feisty Owl!

So, last week my Feisty Owl Onesie was in Etsy Finds! Click here and then scroll down to the bottomish right hand side under ‘Everything Owls’ and you’ll spot Feisty.

Thanks to my friend Paula from Altered Eras for noticing and sending it on to me.

Since you’ve seen enough of my Feisty Owl Onesie lately, here are some pics of awesome steampunk stuff from Altered Eras. Check out her shop and give her some love!!!

Super Cool Bobby Pins

Me wearing Super Cool Bobby Pins from Altered Eras

Rad Charm Bracelet

Steampunk Butterfly

Free Green Stuff!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon and we all could use some free green stuff…

I was asked to be in my first ‘giveaway’ by Georgia Beckman of The Hat Factory. She is doing a promotion on her facebook page where a variety of craftspeople are donating items to be given away for St. Patrick’s Day. You can check out the giveaway here: St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway.

Here’s what I’m donating:

Here’s what I’m hoping to win:

This crochet pattern, Little Amigurumi Bat, is from The Itsy Bitsy Spider and even though I can’t really crochet, I’m pretty sure my sister will make it for me. Rachel?

To be eligible to win cool free items, all you have to do is

1) comment on the photos of the items you like and

2) ‘like’ the creator’s facebook page if they have one.

To be extra nice, you could visit their Esty shop and favorite them too!

Go ahead and ‘like’ The Hat Factory on facebook, check out all the cool items and sellers in the giveaway and spread some love! If you want to win a Feisty Owl Onesie make sure you comment on my photo in the giveaway and ‘like’ the Feisty Owl Studio facebook page.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

ps. If you win something, let me know in the comments!

Feisty Owl gets a friend

Feisty Owl has been a little lonely since her introduction into the world last year, so I’ve created a friend for her.

Introducing…. Feisty Penguin! aka Pete the Penguin when he’s not working.

I had a goal at the beginning of the year to introduce new products and new designs and so far I’ve been accomplishing that swimmingly. I’ve created:

greeting cards













tee shirts


I’ve come up with several new designs, including:


and kissing fish

just to name a few.

Anyway, feisty friends are the best. I’ve got some, how about you?