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Min Bestemor

Min Bestemor

Rest in peace Gramma, you’re forever in my heart.


Bowl Breaker – New Day of the Dead Bowls by Gita

I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled vintage Guatemala posts with this breaking news…….

I’m a breaker of bowls and our supply of bowls big enough to support my husband’s love of cereal has dwindled significantly.

So, I got some new bowls:Image

I met Gita from Stone Leaf Pottery at the Denver Handmade Homemade Market a couple of months ago and was admiring her lovely pottery. I contacted her via email (gita at stoneleafpottery.com) and asked her if she could make me some custom bowls with a skull design. She was wonderful to work with on the design and the bowls came out perfect!

So, if you’re a bowl breaker like me or you’re just looking for some unique and beautiful pottery, give Gita an email. You’ll be happy you did!

I’ve been Blogged and a Really Cute Kitten

My Chinese Plum Tree mug was featured in the Nest and Soar blog this week, yay!

You can check it, and lots of other cool stuff out here in her Top 10 Tuesday post. I’m partial to the fiber brooch, the paper art and the green scarf that are also featured.

This cute kitten at the end of the post is just the icing on the cake!

Copied from her blog, here is more about Georgianne Holland, the woman behind Nest and Soar:

“As a folk artist living in Colorado, I work primarily with wool. I am reinvigorated in my studio! I love the soft energy of birds and gliding, so that’s why I call my work Nestle And Soar. Organic elements always find a way into my art. When folks buy my art, I ask the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree in their honor. I really do love trees and birds! I appreciate your visit and I look forward to hearing from you.”

Here’s my favorite!

You can check out more of Georgianne’s super cool art at the Nestle and Soar Etsy Shop or the Nestle and Soar Website.

Magnificent Mural

I am always amazed by well done murals and street art. Here is an owl that I think is particularly magnificent:

(photo by Sylvie Putzeys)

I found this photo through a blog post on My Owl Barn.

This mural was done by Belgian street artist, ROA. You can find more of his pieces here at Street Art Belgium, like these cool turtles:

(Photo by Emily Frock)

You can also check out ROA on facebook.

What are some of your favorite murals or street art?

Post links or pictures!

Stuff, we need to talk…

I love stuff. I have been a collector of stuff for as long as I can remember.

windowsill stuff

This might come in handy someday, I’d better save it.

I could use this in an art project someday, I’d better save it.

Someone I know might need this someday, I’d better save it.

Reality – even if some of that stuff would come in handy or someone else might need it, I’m not sure where it is now – if I even remember that I have it. And I now have drawers full of things for art projects that never seem to manifest themselves.

In the last several years I’ve found myself saying, ‘We just don’t need any more stuff!’

Not only have I been trying to slow our intake of stuff, but I’ve been going through the stuff we have and trying to get rid of things.

Some stuff seemed really cool when I got it, like that fondue pot, but I NEVER used it.

Other stuff I imagine was sentimental at one point, but now I can’t remember where it came from or why it was so special that I saved it.

This all came to mind because I read this interesting article titled, the answer to consumerism isn’t minimalism; it’s art.

Megan writes about our relationship with stuff and that the issue isn’t that we value stuff too much, but instead we don’t value it enough.

She says, “Because the solution to our problem isn’t pretending that stuff doesn’t have value. It’s creating, seeking out, and embracing the stuff that matters most.”

I think this is a really interesting idea. I do think that because we have access to so many things at such a relatively low cost, much of what we consume is disposable and less valuable. We often go for quantity over quality.

That’s what I’d like to change. I’d like to decrease my quantity of stuff and increase the quality. I’d like to value and embrace the stuff that matters most.

a valued teddy bear

I’ll never be a minimalist. I think I’ll always be a collector of things in one way or another.

And honestly, I’ll probably just have to do an occasional purge of my stuff – separating out the that stuff that matters the most to me and letting the other things go, on to a new home where they can become someone else’s treasures.

What’s your relationship to stuff?

Carefree Bear

I read this interesting blog post titled Forest and it had a link to a psychology walk-through test.

I’m a sucker for these things, so I did it!  If you’re interested, click through and do it yourself before I influence you with my results…

Okay, are you finished?

What did you think?

The most interesting part of the exercise for me was my bear. I saw a baby bear eating something and I just waltzed right on past it through a field of flowers. This says that given the chance to see a problem I didn’t view it as a problem. It also says that I deal with problem resolution with ease. Yay me!

I have to say that this is something that I have definitely worked on over the years and I have gotten better at.

I used to be a worrier and I took things way, way too seriously.  Having made a concerted effort to be more easy going and light-hearted, I’m happy to see this reflected in my cute baby bear.

Being able to let things go and move past our problems is so important. I think that my change in attitude over the years has been key to my increased happiness.

There are so many sayings out there that reflect this message like,

Don’t sweat the small stuff and

Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

I think that when confronted with a problem or something we don’t like we have three basic choices. Change it, change the way we look at it or avoid it. Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

What do you think?