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Hi, I’m Tracesea, which is just like ‘Tracy’ but spelled weird! My father, likely influenced by some sort of ‘special’ brownies or mushrooms, invented my name in the hopes that I would be different. And so I am.

I’m a jack of several trades and master of sociology. Over the years, I have held many colorful jobs including lowly office worker (formerly known as secretary- then administrative assistant), film developer, cafeteria worker, special events photographer, waitress, door to door salesperson and clerk at an ‘adult’ store. More recently, some of my current trades include writing, teaching sociology, teaching English to immigrants, running a website called DoctoralNet and consulting with non-profits and businesses in the areas of research and program evaluation.

I just published my first book this year, Action Research for Business, Nonprofit, and Public Administration: A Tool for Complex Times.

I also volunteer for an organization called A Little Something: The Denver Refugee Women’s Craft Initiative that helps refugee women create their own income by creating and selling their own crafts.

I have recently taken steps to realize a lifelong dream of being an artist (who gets paid!) and the result is Feisty Owl Studio, this blog and my etsy shop.

The fantastic variety in this world, the dark as well as the light, inspires me to connect and create.

You can contact me at: feistyowl@gmail.com


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