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2011 – A Year to Remember

So, looking over my goals from last year. I did well on some and not so well on others. But, I did have a baby last year – so all slacking on my part is forgiven.

Here were my goals for 2011 and what I actually accomplished:

1. Create 2 new product lines – I created 5!!!

tee shirts



small note cards

and foxy greeting cards

2. Create 10 new mug designs. I created 15 new designs!

The best sellers of 2011 were two of my new designs,

chinese plum tree

and sugar skulls

3. Explore new marketing possibilities and try at least one – I really didn’t do very much in this arena as far as exploration. I did try Etsy Search Ads, without much success, but I may try again.

4. Sell at a local craft market. I sold at the Denver County Fair, The Overland Craft Fair and Art by Craft.

5. Increase my total item views by 75%. Etsy redid their shop stats this year in July so I don’t have an accurate count of this.

6. Increase my total number of sales by 75%. Again I don’t have an accurate count of this, also partially due to the fact that I’m not sure if the number I put down last year for sales was based on items sold or number of orders, oops.

7. Increase my sales $ by 75%. YIKES! I did increase my sales $ but only by 32%.

In a nutshell, I think that I did well this last year in both refining and expanding my product line. I worked on solidifying my brand and getting my feet wet in the local craft market.

Coming very very soon, my riveting 2012 goals!


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