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The bad, the better and the fantastic

Okay, so I know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats to know how the craft fairs went for me last weekend.


The bad

First of all, no one should ever have to get up when it’s still dark out. But on Saturday I did. It was raining and I was leaving just in time to get to the craft fair at 7am to load in. I ran to my car in the pouring rain and threw my purse over onto the passenger seat, forgetting that I also had my coffee in my hand. I went back inside and changed my clothes. I drove to the craft fair in a torrential downpour in the dark – which meant lots of leaning forward trying to see the lines on the road and hydroplaning. When I got the craft fair it was snowing. Yup, snowing. I had a lot more set up than I thought and 2 hours was apparently not enough. I was still trying to get set up at 9am when the craft fair opened. I was alone in the booth, while Stef was checking on the status of the breakfast burritos she had ordered us which had not been delivered. Before I even realized what was happening someone wanted to buy a pair of $7 earrings. YES! I was thinking, wow this is going to be a great day after all…then I couldn’t get the cash box open. It was jammed. I became flustered. It was probably only a short time, but I felt like I struggled with the box forever! While the customer was standing there, probably thinking I was an idiot. I felt like an idiot. Finally, I told her to just leave the $7 and I would pay the tax for her and I’m so sorry but my receipts are in the cash box too. About two minutes after she left the man next to me pried the box open for me. I didn’t make another sale all day. On the up side, I got to chill with Stef all day and chat.

The better

The next day set up was much smoother and I sold twice as many things as the day before. For those of you challenged in math, that makes two things I sold on Sunday. They were tee shirts, so I almost covered my booth fee. Sunday’s venue was pretty slow with off and on traffic, but I definitely connected more with the crowd there. I had a lot of interest in my table, just not so many sales. I did find out that my skull mug picture was featured in the Westword’s ad for the event. Someone walked by and said, ‘hey, there’s the mug from the Westword’ and I said ‘Hey, you can have this famous mug for just $20!’. The person laughed and walked away. Oh well.

Here’s me in my Art by Craft booth:

The fantastic

I just got my biggest single order to date on Etsy. Someone bought a whole tea set (tea pot, sugar bowl, pitcher, two mugs) as a wedding gift for their friends. I was so happy to see that order! When I showed Jesse (my husband), he said, “If you could get an order like that every day you wouldn’t have to work”. I had to remind him that this was work. Fun work, but work nonetheless.

There were many lessons learned through all of this, but this post is long enough already so I’ll come back to those later.

To be continued…


2 responses

  1. Stefany Carstensen

    It was totally fun to hang with you all day Saturday! I was impressed by how many stopped to look at your items and artwork. Just an off day, especially with the weather as crummy all day as it was. You still rock.

    October 17, 2011 at 5:33 pm

  2. Feisty!! This is such an exciting and wonderful read – it is almost like I can be there on the adventure with you and Steph 🙂 I am learning along with you – have not ever ventured to a craft fair or show before ….but you encourage me! Congratulations on your big order!! and the three sales!! and the continuing adventure 🙂

    hugs and love!

    October 17, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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