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Stuff We All Get

So, last week I donated some of my newly created note cards for the swag bags for Craft Ballyhoo! sponsored by the Denver Handmade Alliance.

Did you know that swag stands for ‘stuff we all get’? I just looked it up. At the Craft Ballyhoo! swag bags should have been called stffpg bags or stuff the first fifty people get. But I guess stffpg just doesn’t roll of the tongue like swag.

I had never donated anything for a swag bag before. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever gotten a swag bag at a craft fair before. So, I wanted to scope out the bags, what promotional materials were in them, which other shops donated items and what they included. My sister and I arrived early to get in line so we could be among those lucky swag bag recipients.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed when we got our bags and they were flat looking. I guess I envisioned a more robust swag bag after all that getting up early and waiting in line. Okay the craft fair didn’t open until 11am, but it was a Saturday!

So, there were quite a few business cards in the bag, but not many items. In order to put your business card in the bag you had to donate $20 worth of stuff. So, my sister and I guessed that many of those business cards belonged to shops that donated just one or two more expensive items. Maybe only the first few people got those items in their bags? I’m not really sure, but there were 15 business cards and only 5 items in my bad. In addition to my cards, there was a sample of soap from Clean Getaway Soap Co., a reusable coffee sleeve by Lisa A Stavig, some mosaic supplies by The Mosaic Girl and some cupcake toppers by the owlchemist.

I have already used the soap – lovely! They also have dog soap, which is on my list for future purchase. My sister and I also had the chance to use the cute butterfly cupcake toppers at the potluck dinner party for the ESL class I teach. This kids loved helping us unfold them and stick them in the cupcakes and later I saw quite a few butterflies flying around playing together. The brightly colored mosaic supplies lie in my studio awaiting a future craft project. And since I’m cheap and rarely drink coffee outside of my house, the fabulous coffee sleeve patiently awaits regifting to someone who can give it the love and use it deserves.

The craft fair was fun and had some interesting vendors. My favorites were Hip Violet, a woman who makes wonderful bibs and baby/children’s clothes (my sister had to buy three outfits, one for each child in her life) and Giddyup! which has some of the coolest handmade clothes and costumes I have ever seen (I still want her animal cracker dress!).

I put a special code for a discount on my business cards with my items. This way I could track and see if anyone bought from my shop after receiving my cards in their swag bag. So far….nothing.

When my sister and I were waiting in line for the craft fair I said to her ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if all the people in line were other crafters who were trying to get swag bags to check out the competition?’ Although I doubt that this is the case, I would love to know who they were… and what did they think of my cards?

Here are the cards that I included in the swag bag. What do you think?

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