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Slacking…. and recommitting!

So, I’ve been slacking big time on my blog… Lots has happened and I haven’t been writing about any of it!! I am turning over a new leaf. Today.

I am going to write a blog entry at least once a week. I’m making a commitment!

Making commitments and honoring them is something I’ve been working on in this last year. It seems I still have a lot of work to do!

As a follow up on the last entry that I did…ages ago… I have worked out my shipping. For the most part.

I have decided to do delivery confirmation on all overs over $5. Through experience I have determined shipping rates that cover the cost of postage, confirmation and shipping materials and altered all my rates accordingly. The only ones I’m still working on are the international rates, only because I need more experience shipping to other countries. I did ship to Canada recently and found out it can be even cheaper than shipping here in the US!

I found a local shipping supplier that delivers for free to the area. I stocked up on boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts and bubble envelopes. It took a pretty significant initial investment but it was worth it. Now I have all the supplies that I need when I make a sale which is saving me lots of time and money!

The first sale I made to someone I didn’t know was two of my mugs and it happened way back on Sept. 9th. Thanks Kelly from CA! Kelly has a shop on Etsy too! She makes beautiful stained glass art. You can find her shop here:  Seaside Glassworks

Give her some love for being my first non-friend/relative sale and also for being so understanding when there was a problem with her order… One of the mugs she purchased broke in the mail! She was very nice about it and even offered to just glue it back together! Of course, I made her a new mug and sent it to her. I’m really glad that her mug broke because it was a good lesson to me. I hadn’t done any research  into how to ship ceramics safely in the mail.

After the mug breaking incident, I did some research online and then tried several methods for shipping my mugs. At first, when I was still piecing together my shipping supplies from whatever I could find lying around my house this involved a very time consuming process and an often oversized box that was heavy. It was taking me forever to package up a mug and my shipping prices were too high! After getting some supplies from a local vendor (MMS Supply for anyone from Denver who’s looking for great service and reasonable prices on shipping materials) then shipping my mugs got a lot cheaper and faster. Now I have successfully sent off 11 mugs and all have arrived in good condition!

My mugs show promise as a niche for me, but more about that later…


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